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Term Submitted
Radiative Recombination 11/2/1999
Radiative Transport 2/14/2000
Radio Burst, Solar 11/2/1999
Radio Frequency Current Drive 11/2/1999
Radio Frequency Heating 11/2/1999
Radio Frequency or radiofrequency 11/2/1999
Radio Galaxies 11/2/1999
Radio Wave 11/2/1999
Radioactive Decay 11/2/1999
Radioactive waste 11/2/1999
Radioactivity 11/2/1999
Radiofrequency Heating Parameter 11/2/1999
Radiofrequency Plugging 11/2/1999
Radiofrequency Pumping 11/2/1999
Radiofrequency Trapping 11/2/1999
Radioisotopes 11/2/1999
radionuclides 6/29/2002
Radius of Gyration 11/2/1999
Railgun Accelerator 11/2/1999
Raman Effect 11/2/1999
Raman Instability 11/2/1999
Raman Scattering 11/2/1999
Ramsauer Effect 11/2/1999
Random Events 11/2/1999
Random Phase 11/2/1999

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