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Term Submitted
Langmuir Wave 11/2/1999
Langmuir, Irving (1881-1957) 11/2/1999
Langmuir-Child Equation 11/2/1999
Langmuir-Tonks Oscillations 11/2/1999
LANL 11/2/1999
Laplace Contour 11/2/1999
Laplace Transform 11/2/1999
Large Angle Collision 11/2/1999
Large Coil Program 11/2/1999
Larmor Frequency 11/2/1999
Larmor Period 11/2/1999
Larmor radius 11/2/1999
Laser 11/2/1999
Laser 11/2/1999
Laser Doppler Velocimeter 11/2/1999
Laser Fusion 11/2/1999
Laser interferometer 11/2/1999
Laser Plasma 11/2/1999
Laser Scattering 11/2/1999
Laser scattering device 11/2/1999
Laser Wakefield Accelerator 11/2/1999
Laser-Heated Solenoid 11/2/1999
Last Closed Flux Surface (LCFS) 11/2/1999
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory 11/2/1999
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 11/2/1999

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