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The Glossary of Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy Research

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Introduction, Sources and Contributors

This Glossary seeks to provide plain-language definitions of over 3600 frequently used technical terms in Plasma Physics (all areas) and Fusion Energy Research. It is intended for everyone with an interest in science, including journalists, middle school and high school students, and their teachers.

The glossary database allows users to submit new terms, search for specific terms or browse alphabetic listings. Visitors are encouraged to add terms and definitions. New submissions or modifications will be reviewed by our editors and posted to the database within one week of the submission date. Terms and definitions must not contain any classified information or export-controlled information. The contributor submitting information is solely responsible for the content.

Edited by Robert F. Heeter with assistance from: Albert Chou, John Wright, Joshua Jones and the LLNL Science and Technology Education Program

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