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Fusion Group, Contemporary Physics Education Project

The Contemporary Physics Education Project (CPEP) is a non-profit organization of teachers, educators and physicists working to create educational materials on contemporary physics topics for use in introductory physics classes.

The CPEP Fusion Project:

In 1994 CPEP created a Fusion Group to develop educational materials on fusion energy and plasma physics. The Fusion Group printed the "Fusion-Physics of a Fundamental Energy Source" classroom wall chart in three sizes in 1996, and it is now available in 7 languages. This web site went online in 1995. The Fusion Group also produces classroom demonstrations, computer simulations and other hands-on activities. Several teacher training workshops take place each year using CPEP Fusion materials - these are advertised on the CPEP web sites.

CPEP Fusion Group Contact Points:

People Behind this Web Site

This site was developed primarily by a trio of students from the high school (Hannah Cohen), undergraduate (Jason Edson) and graduate (Robert Heeter) levels, under the supervision of the CPEP Fusion Group and Dr. Rush Holt of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. Robert Heeter has now become Dr. Robert Heeter and continues to work on the site. Also, Bill Davis, Andrew Post-Zwicker, Mitch Alvarez (LLNL) and Shelane Enos (LLNL) deserve thanks for their technical help. The site hardware and networking support are provided by a collaboration between the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab (1995-present) and Lawrence Livermore National Lab (1999-present). Content materials have been supplied by many people, including (in random order) Gordon Aubrecht, Joshua Jones, G. Samuel Lightner, David Malin (Anglo-Australian Observatory photos), Nick Guilbert, Hugues Sicotte and Sherrie Preische, Sam Cohen, and Louis Villanueva.

CPEP grants permission for teachers and students to reproduce these copyrighted images and materials for their personal or classroom use, provided is cited as the source. For other CPEP copyright permissions, email

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